Cortez, is making a difference one painting at a time. Since his childhood memores, Cortez recalls gravitating toward art. “The first I can remember is being in preschool, trying to draw clouds, my teacher loved them and considered me the class artist.” A Chicago native he grew up primarily on Chicago’s, south side in the Hyde Park area. He has been a professional artist for over sixteen years. He studied Art and Design at the College of  DuPage in Illinois and Wilberforce University in ohio,  and has a degree in Business Management from Benedictine University. His current work evolved mainly from his life experiences, years of independent practice and experimentation. Much of Cortez current artwork is inspired by scenes found around his small town. He also travels to other countries and gathers referance by taking photographs and sometime working on location. "Right outside our door is a scene that looks like a masterpiece.”  Cortez further explains that he doesn’t have to go far for inspiration. He just has to look outside his private studio, which is filled with ever-changing piles of new paintings and wood that he uses to make frames for his artwork. “I can look out the window and see 100 things to paint, from birds to trees.”The fantastic thing about Cortez paintings is there ability to transition from home to office settings. They can represent both the residential or the corporate client. The economy is improving and many companies are looking for ways to showcase their unique personality and set themselves apart from the competition.

Cortez’s abstract paintings have a bold musicality; each stroke planned out with purpose and executed with intention. This precision creates bold and clean contrast that is refreshing to the eye. This however, does not overshadow the power of his work.

© Cortez Curtis 2017